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The Sterlyn Group's mission is to help you better protect your sensitive data and your company's critical systems. To accomplish this goal, we provide a range of services to assist you.


Our HIPAA assessments help organizations of all sizes document the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). This information is then used to formulate remediation procedures and safeguards commensurate with the identified risks.

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The first step in securing your information is to understand how secure your existing systems are. The Internet Vulnerability Assessment provides a very cost effective way for you to gauge patch levels, configuration problems, software versions and a host of other issues that can be detrimental to your security efforts

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Meeting government or industry security standards are a must for most companies.  From CMMC to PCI and beyond, our regulatory expertise spans nearly every industry and standard.  We've helped companies of all sizes achieve their compliance goals and keep their business running.

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The Enterprise Assessment includes everything from the Internet and also includes a thorough analysis of your internal network as well. We help identify key information and assess the security of that information. The Enterprise Assessment is a team effort between your staff and our security experts. The final report is a collaboration of the team as well as a learning experience for your entire organization.



Things change. What is a safe and secure system this week may be vulnerable next week. As the security landscape changes, so does your needs to maintain a secure environment. Maintaining a staff that is well educated and trained in security practices is difficult at best. Our quarterly audit packages allow for a very cost effective way to provide our expert security analysis to your organization on a regular basis.

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Along with our comprehensive security assessment, Sterlyn also provides in-depth IT assessments. We analyze all aspects of your IT department and compare your current environment to IT best practices. The result gives you a road-map to cost savings, higher availability, increased efficiency, better alignment of IT resources to your business needs and peace of mind.

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Our customized training seminars are an excellent way to provide effective and meaningful training for your staff, and a great way to meet HIPAA requirements for security training. Our security experts have a wide range of real-world experience in nearly every industry imaginable. Whether for two employees or one hundred, our training seminars are entertaining, informative and educational.

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