The Sterlyn Group, Inc.


About Us

Founded in 2001, The Sterlyn Group is a services company that focuses on information security. Sterlyn does not sell products and are therefore not "trying to sell you something". Our primary goal is to protect your company's bottom line by keeping sensitive information secure.




Through the years, Sterlyn has worked successfully in a wide variety of industries such as:

Financial Manufacturing State Government
Health Care Lending Non-Profit
Internet Software Development Banking
Credit Union Energy Local Government
Law Automotive Hotel
Entertainment Insurance Industrial
E-commerce Retail Food Service
Federal Government Education Law Enforcement

This valuable experience has allowed us to develop a myriad of tools and techniques that is unique in the industry. Our experts have extensive training in a variety of fields, both technical and non-technical, that allows us to understand and mitigate risks that our competitors simply cannot.

For more information contact account manager
Mark Clausman at 317.439.0849 or e-mail: